Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, liquefied gas that can cause asphyxiation at high concentrations. There are different sources to collect CO2. CO2 can be obtained from natural springs, limestone kilns, fermentation processes and gas streams from chemical and petrochemical plants.


  • Used as a gas medium for welding technology such as MIG - MAG welding is widely applied today in the shipbuilding industry and mechanical processing.
  • Used to produce carbonated soft drinks and sodas. Traditionally, the carbonation in beer and sparkling wine has been achieved by natural fermentation, but some manufacturers carbonate these beverages artificially.
  • CO2 used in firefighting, especially those designed to extinguish electrical fires, contains compressed liquid CO2.
  • Used as an inexpensive, non-flammable pressurized gas. Life jackets typically contain small canisters of compressed CO2 that are quickly inflated. Compressed CO2 cylinders are also sold to supply compressed air for air guns, paintballs, and bicycle tire pumps.

Supply method

  • Delivery by 40L bottle (filling pressure: 150 – 200 bar)
  • Supplied with a mini liquid container such as: XL-45.
  • Supplied by liquid gas tank with evaporator.

In addition, Vietgas also provides other services such as rental service ISO tanks and tanks, and design and construction services. Installation and management (EPCM) for the gas pipeline system. Pipeline cleaning services as well as gas transportation.

Our customers are steel factories, shipbuilding and repair plants, hospitals, and many other companies in the fields of semiconductor equipment, electronics, food and beverage processing, refrigeration equipment, and paper production.