Nitrogen makes up about 78% of the Earth's atmosphere and is a component of all living organisms. Nitrogen forms many important compounds such as amino acids, ammonia, nitric acid and cyanides. Extremely strong chemical bonds between nitrogen atoms make it difficult for both organisms and industry to convert nitrogen


  • Food preservation: by slowing down rancidity and other forms of damage caused by oxidation
  • Manufactures electronic components such as transistors, diodes, and integrated circuits (ICs).
  • Stainless steel production
  • Welding or laser cutting
  • Inflatable automotive and aircraft tires due to its inertness and lack of moist, oxidizing properties, in contrast to air
  • Liquid nitrogen can be used to cool, freeze, or control the temperature of food products, as a cooling source to speed up CPUs, GPUs, or other forms of hardware.

Supply method

  • Delivery by 40L bottle (filling pressure: 150 – 200 bar)
  • Supplied with a mini liquid container such as: XL-45.
  • Supplied by liquid gas tank with evaporator.

In addition, Vietgas also provides other services such as rental service ISO tanks and tanks, and design and construction services. Installation and management (EPCM) for the gas pipeline system. Pipeline cleaning services as well as gas transportation.

Our customers are steel factories, shipbuilding and repair plants, hospitals, and many other companies in the fields of semiconductor equipment, electronics, food and beverage processing, refrigeration equipment, and paper production.