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Medical Oxygen and Industrial Oxygen

Customers who have needs, please contact our company. Oxygen is the most familiar gas to humans and is often called the life-sustaining oxygen for humans as well as other animals. Currently on the market, people divide oxygen gas into 2 types: pure medical oxygen cylinders and industrial oxygen tanks. So, what is the difference between oxygen in medical oxygen and industrial oxygen, and what is the application of each gas? Choose a supplier of quality industrial oxygen tanks with affordable industrial oxygen cylinder prices.

Medical oxygen

What is medical oxygen gas, what is the purity?

Khí oxy y tế là chất khí với độ tinh khiết cao lên đến 99,5%, còn được gọi với cái tên là khí oxy thở tại nhà. Nó được ứng dụng trong lĩnh vực y tế với các hoạt động liên quan tới sức khỏe con người.

Unlike the non-medical oxygen gas, it is very little mixed with other gas components such as CO, CO2, Acetylene and other impurities that can be harmful to the body.

Application of medical oxygen:

  • Medical oxygen gas has the main effect of giving first aid to people who are asphyxiated, patients with heart disease or breathing disorders.
  • In addition, medical oxygen in the form of high pressure is also used to treat Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning, gas necrosis and specific oxygen diseases.
  • Provides oxygen for divers. People traveling on airplanes also sometimes have a need to provide supplemental oxygen
  • Use for sports activities such as mountain climbing or space travel.

Industrial oxygen

What is industrial oxygen tank?

Industrial oxygen gas is a gas with a lower purity than medical oxygen when it only reaches 99.2%, in the composition of industrial oxygen there are other impurities such as CO, CO2, C2H2,…

Depending on the regulations of each country, industrial oxygen gas is produced with a purity ranging from 99.2 to 99.6%.

Application of industrial oxygen gas:

  • Industrial oxygen cylinders are commonly used in the steel industry, welding and metal cutting and in the shipbuilding industry.
  • Industrial oxygen gas is combined with acetylene or gas for welding and cutting stone used for welding and cutting metal.
  • Can melt glass because gaseous mixtures containing oxygen are capable of generating temperatures up to 3000ºC and 2800ºC
  • Industrial oxygen is used in aquaculture and in wastewater treatment.
  • Liquid oxygen is used as an oxidizer in rocket boosters, igniting spacecraft fuel and creating the thrust needed in space.
  • Oxygen gas is used in steelmaking and in the production of methanol alcohol.

Place to buy quality medical and industrial oxygen cylinders

Vietgas Company is a unit that buys and sells pure oxygen, quality medical gas, and provides reputable cheap oxygen cylinder exchange in the North of Vietnam.

Because the industrial oxygen cylinders we supply are mainly used for factories, production facilities or metallurgical units, the gas cylinders must be of good quality. Industrial oxygen tank shell is manufactured from high quality steel for good gas preservation.


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